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Please volunteer and be part of the Planning Committee.
The committees work year round to be ready for the event each May, with the bulk of the work falling February through May each year. If you have questions, please contact us at

Susan Bassett, President FCCC, Spokesperson, Sales

Joe Taylor, Vice President FCCC, Event Chair, Strategic Planning, Branding and Marketing

Leslie Wentzell, Treasurer FCCC, Budget, Arts Engagement/Education

Pidge Gillbach, Secretary FCCC,  Volunteer Development

Natalie Shoaf, Director FCCC, Quickdraw, Opening Reception, TGIF

Gary Ross, Director FCCC, Sponsorship/Collector Development and Opportunities

Chuck Koch, Director FCCC, National Outreach

Terry Lind, Director FCCC, Facilities

Penny Easton, Director FCCC, Cataloging

Kimberly Shoaf, Director FCCC, Student Art Day, Artist Liaison

Sandy Yarbrough, Photography

Tami Seaman, Social Media

Paulette Moss, Workshops and Florida’s Finest en Plein Air

Jeanette Taylor, Sales Team, Artist and Guests Welcome Bags